Terms of Reference

Katherine Region Action Group

Interim Terms of Reference


The Katherine Region Action Group (KRAG) started as a community-based group in 2011 with the aim of updating and then implementing the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan (KAMP) in order to reduce alcohol-related harm in the Katherine community. The KAMP’s lifespan ended in 2016 and KRAG was not satisfied with progress made.  An evaluation done by Menzies School of Health Research confirmed Members’ belief that as a community-based implementation group KRAG was essentially a ‘toothless’ tiger - due to part to lack of implementation resources and the absence of any enabling legislation.

In August 2016 Members decided to change the group’s approach to one of advocacy. These interim TOR were developed to guide KRAG’s journey in transitioning into an advocacy group working to influence factors that will reduce alcohol related harm in the Katherine community.

Purpose and scope

KRAG’s new purpose is to advocate for measures to reduce alcohol-related harms, and factors encouraging these harms, in the Katherine community. The scope of KRAG’s advocacy includes both structural and single issue campaigning in relation to alcohol supply control, demand prevention, harm reduction and the social determinants of health that impact on these.

In order to reduce alcohol-related harm, KRAG will concentrate on advocacy within the framework of the five key areas recommended in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 1986:

  • Build healthy public policy
  • Create supportive environments
  • Strengthen community actions
  • Develop personal skills
  • Reorient health services


  • Advocate for a balanced and non-punitive approach to alcohol harm minimisation that recognises alcoholism is a health issue not a criminal issue.
  • Advocate for measures to improve the negative drinking culture in Katherine.
  • Advocate for constructive and sustainable initiatives to control the supply of alcohol.
  • Advocate for a multi-partisan approach to an NT-wide alcohol strategy.
  • Advocate for a review of existing NT legislation impacting on alcohol-related issues.
  • Advocate for consistent and regular release of meaningful data held by NTG and AG departments to allow the NT public to judge progress of alcoh-ol harm reduction measures.
  • Advocate for increased resources to be dedicated to alcohol-related health promotion and positive behavioural change.
  • Contribute local expert advice to government and other stakeholders planning alcohol-related measures.

KRAG structure and membership

KRAG will have a core group that decides the direction of the organisation. At times KRAG will work with allies to advocate for issues of common interest. KRAG’s core membership consists of representatives from each of the following:

  • Association of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies NT
  • Kalano Community Association
  • Katherine Liquor Accord
  • Katherine Town Council
  • Katherine West Health Board
  • Mission Australia
  • Northern Land Council (Katherine region)
  • NT Police
  • Sunrise Health Service
  • Top End Health Service (AOD)
  • Top End Health Service (Katherine region)
  • Victoria Daly Regional Council
  • Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service

As needed, KRAG will decide on additional Members who can contribute to KRAG’s objectives.

KRAG may co-opt Associates at times if additional skills or knowledge are needed to support ongoing structural advocacy or single issue campaigns. Associate members can contribute to discussion, or to specific tasks, but do not participate in ballots and are not included in the count for a quorum.


A quorum consists of 5 Members present either in person or via tele/video conference.


A Chair and a Deputy Chair will be elected by the membership from time to time.

Meeting schedule

KRAG will meet every second month and more often if needed.

Attendance at meetings

Ordinary KRAG meetings are not open to the public. KRAG Members wishing to invite a guest must first clear it with the Chairperson.

Urgent action

Where urgent action or decisions are required and it is not possible to hold a meeting, a quorum that includes the Chair or Deputy Chair may made a non-financial decision on behalf of KRAG that does not contradict earlier decisions or go against these TOR. All Members must be notified of such a decision as soon as possible.

Updated 24 Jan 2017