Katherine Region Action Group Welcomes Submissions to the Review of the Katherine Liquor Supply Plan

The Katherine Region Action Group is conducting a review of the Katherine Liquor Supply Plan (KLSP) as one of the tasks in the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan. Anyone with an interest in the current supply plan or its impact on the people in the Katherine region is invited to make a submission to the Review. Submissions must be within the objectives and scope of the Terms of Reference. People wishing to make submissions to the Review are advised to first read the TOR and the KLSP Summary (attached below) and to view the other supply control measures relevant to Katherine at Katherine Liquor Restrictions. Electronic submissions can be made via the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this website. Paper submissions should be addressed to: Katherine Region Action Group, KLSP Review, PO Box 561, Katherine NT 0851. For enquiries, call 08 89 738 815. Submissions close on 5 November 2014.

pdfKatherine Liquor Supply Plan Review Terms Of Reference August 2014             

pdfKatherine Liquor Supply Plan Summary as at August 2014

Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs Commends Katherine Region Action Group and Praises Community

In a letter dated 16 December 2013, the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs commended the Katherine Region Action Group (KRAG) for their commitment to finding community solutions to address alcohol problems through the development of the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan 2013 – 2016 (AMP). He highlighted the link that managing alcohol has to the Government's priorities to make communities safe, create environments in which kids go to school every day and adults can secure and hold down real jobs; and praised the Katherine community for working on managing this critical issue.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Meets with Katherine Region Action Group

In a further show of Northern Territory Government support for the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory met with the Katherine Region Action Group on 18 November 2013. The priorities of the AMP were highlighted and options were explored for implementation of some of the initiatives in the plan.

Northern Territory Government Signs Off Katherine Alcohol Management Plan

On 8 November 2013, the Northern Territory Minister for Alcohol Policy signed off on the Katherine Alcohol Plan. He congratulated the Katherine Region Action Group for their work to review and revise the AMP. He said he found it to be a strong and clear plan which is relevant to the needs of the Katherine community and complementary to the direction of the broader alcohol strategy for the Northern Territory. He expressed his support of the ongoing community efforts to reduce alcohol related harms. 

Government to Fast Track Regional Alcohol Management Plans

In a media release on 27 June 2013, Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles and Minister for Health Robyn Lamley announced the NT Government's commitment to fast track regional Alcohol Management Plans, which contain local-based strategies that build on and enhance past and existing programs right across the alcohol supply, demand and harm reduction areas. "The Government will also assist Katherine and Tennant Creek in finalising their Alcohol Management Plans. A lot of good work has gone into the Katherine plan and we will support its implementation. The Giles Government has a comprehensive strategy for tackling alcohol abuse in the Northern Territory."

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