Katherine Liquor Licensing Accord

The Menzies School of Health Research Evaluation of the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan (the Evaluation) released in December 2010 noted the strategy in the plan to develop a liquor accord had not been implemented. The Katherine Region Action Group (KRAG), under the guidance of former Chief Minister Clare Martin, was formed in February 2011 and commenced work to address the recommendations of the Evaluation, which included development of a Local Liquor Accord.

In conjunction with the Australian Hotels Association, Katherine Licensees finalised the Katherine Liquor Licensing Accord, to be implemented by the Licensees in and around the Katherine Central Business District. Membership includes the Katherine Country Club, Katherine Club, Katherine Sports and Recreation Club, Stuart Hotel and Katherine Hotel. The Accord covers the responsible serving and promotion of alcohol and improving the amenity around venues, with special emphasis on safety and security and a code of conduct for patrons. The Accord was approved by the Director of Licensing and therefore took effect on 14 May 2012.

Liquor accords are a proven means of effectively managing antisocial behaviour in and around licensed premises, allowing for alcohol consumption in a responsible and safe environment. This initiative is supported by the Department of Justice and the Northern Territory Police.

pdfKatherine Liquor Licensing Accord April 2012

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