Local research supports AMP priority of safe short term accommodation for remote community people visiting Katherine town

A paper published in the most recent Medical Journal of Australia analyses the major factors contributing to multiple (more than six per year) presentations to the Katherine Hospital Emergency Department. The research team headed up by Dr Simon Quilty of Katherine Hospital found that the major contributing factor was homelessness.

pdfFactors contributing to frequent attendance at Katherine Hospital emergency department

Katherine Region Action Group to review its future

The Katherine Alcohol Management Plan (AMP) 2013 - 2016 expires this year. Professor Peter d’Abbs, Menzies School of Health Research, has been conducting an evaluation of the Katherine AMP. Once this is complete, Katherine Region Action Group (KRAG) will review its own role and decide whether or not it will coordinate the development and management of the next Katherine AMP. Part of the evaluation process relates to KRAG’s role and effectiveness and Professor d’Abbs recently tabled a discussion paper on this subject to inform KRAG’s deliberations.

pdfWhither KRAG discussion paper

D-G of Licensing responds to the Katherine Liquor Supply Plan Review Report

The Director-General of Licensing has accepted 10 out of 15 recommendations that Katherine Region Action Group made after reviewing the Katherine Liquor Supply Plan. Of the other five recommendations, two were outside the scope of the Review and the D-G is going to brief the relevant Minister on the remaining three, which have significant policy and resource implications.

pdfD-G of Licensing reply to KRAG 16 Feb 2016

Katherine Liquor Supply Plan Review Report completed

Katherine Region Action Group completed the review of the Katherine Liquor Supply Plan in mid 2015 and submitted a report with 15 recommendations to the Director-General of Licensing.

pdfKatherine Liquor Supply Plan Review Report 2014-15 Final

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